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INVACIO / ICO A Complex of Solutions Grounded in Multi-Agent System Artificial Intelligence
Invacio, found online at, combines artificial intelligence, communications, finance, and big data to “revolutionize every industry it touches.” Find out how it works in our review.
What is Invacio INV? Invacio is an artificial intelligence platform backed by five years of development. Invacio’s platform is called the Multi-Agent System AI (Jean).
Development of the Multi-Agent System AI was led by William James Dalrymple West in consultation with experts from NASA and FB-HHVM. Invacio’s AI works constantly to seek out and mine data from all available data sources. Jean is also able to understand written and spoken language in real-time. She can interpret images and actions. She can even scan the deep web for data, or access live news channels, social media, and 100,000+ live CCTV and satellite streams worldwide.
The ultimate result of all of this data collection, according to the official Invacio website, is “an artificial intelligence so sensitive to the world and its changes the solutions she is reaching stand to revolutionize areas as diverse as big data, communications, research, online privacy, the exchange markets and even security and intelligence.”
Invacio Features Some of the core features of Invacio and its Multi-Agent System AI or Jean platform include:
Deep Learning: Invacio’s distributed AI resolves some of the world’s most complex problems. The platform’s scalable, intelligent environments enable AI to turn noise into data and data into information with unprecedented speed and ingenuity.
Self-Learning Computation: Invacio’s AI continually evolves as it explores and develops its storehouse of streaming and historic data. The AI adapts to circumstantial changes or demands, improving its models through experience and becoming more complex, subtle, and reliable.
Scalable: Invacio’s AI infrastructure is built for stability. Invacio “will be ready for everything the world of big data and AI could demand.”
Invacio Products and Solutions Invacio has a number of products and solutions built on its AI framework, including all of the following:
Network Invacio’s Network is a social network available for consumers and commercial users. The social network is distinguished by features like its AI-backed user-driven information feeds and stickers, including things like real-time stock market tickers.
Network also has detailed charts allowing you to track stocks in real-time, AI-driven market analysis, location-specific user-reviewed content and suggestions, and more. Basically, Invacio’s Network wants to use AI to change the world of social network.
Commercial users, meanwhile, can interact with the platform to make business decisions based on the social data of users.
Invacio Tamius Invacio has a decentralized blockchain banking system called Tamius. Tamius is built upon Invacio’s AI technologies.
The platform integrates crypto and traditional fiat currencies in a single, perfectly secure, user-friendly multi-channel platform that makes high-speed cross-currency and cross-border transactions simple and intuitive.
Tamius aims to revolutionize fiat and cryptocurrency banking overall by providing the functionalities expected of fiat-based banking services along with a number of additional innovations.
Aquila Aquila collects and tracks companies from all of the world’s major stock exchanges, giving the user all of the relevant trading information required in a single UI. Users can login before the markets open to receive end of day predictions for 2995 separate stocks and forex pairs.
Aquila has three core components, including Agnes, Archimedes, and Tomahawk:
Agnes: Agnes provides stock market analysis based on AI, deep learning, and machine learning.
Archimedes: Archimedes is a human/AI hedge fund that allows access to hedge fund level returns on investment to any subscriber independent of their net worth.
Tomahawk: Tomahawk offers long-range trading driven by AI making predictions of future values over a year in advance, allowing access to a lower risk, long-term hedge fund available to anyone regardless of net worth.
Invmail Invmail is an end-to-end encrypted communications platform consisting of email, video conferencing, and voice messaging. The platform uses a zero knowledge server to ensure no record of communication is retained. Sensitive conversations can take place online in complete privacy.
As the Invacio website explains, “Invmail is the online equivalent of having a face to face meeting in a locked bank vault only much more convenient.”
Other Invacio Services Invacio’s other AI services include its commercial and governmental APIs, which include things like voice recognition APIs to help companies and governments develop better services.
Invacio also offers a platform called Alise, which provides users with real-time feedback based on their social media mentions and other media mentions worldwide. It allows companies or individuals to gauge public opinion on an organization, product, or brand. Governments can also use Alise to monitor how potential policies are understood or being discussed by the populace.
Invacio also has a security platform called Invacio Security. This platform is able to monitor an environment for people of interest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using data collected from CCTV systems. In other words, Invacio Security will monitor thousands of connected CCTV feeds to identify any possible people of interest.
Finally, Invacio has two divisions dedicated to all of the products listed above, including an applied AI division and a research division.
Who’s Behind Invacio INV? Invacio Holdings, Ltd. is headquartered in London, UK. The company was founded by William J D West (Founder and Chief Vision Officer). The idea for Invacio began in early 2010 when West “embarked on a personal quest to learn more about AI”.
The remaining Invacio team includes senior Wall Street executives, coders, scientists, engineers, statisticians, and entrepreneurs.
Invacio INV ICO Conclusion Invacio is an AI platform backed by five years of development. That AI platform is being integrated into a number of different areas. Invacio can scan tens of thousands of CCTV feeds worldwide, for example, to identify a person of interest. Invacio can also be used to monitor cryptocurrency and fiat currency markets, providing detailed analyses and predictions on future market movements.
To learn more about Invacio and how it plans to integrate AI into other aspects of daily life, visit online today at :
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